Basic Font Free Download

Essential is a low distinction, sans serif textual content typeface. It mixes acquainted types having a hint of novelty, and it is very easy to


Archivo Black Font Free Download

Archivo Black was designed to be used simultaneously in print and digital platforms. The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the font are both crafted for


Fredoka One Font Free Download

Fredoka One is often a large, spherical, bold font that is certainly great for introducing a bit fun to any headline or significant text. Fredoka


Allura Font Free Download

Allura will be the script format on the Allura Pro spouse and children. Like other models by Rob Leuschke, Allura is stylized, however really legible.


Actor Font Free Download

A diploma thesis challenge through the Aachen University of Utilized Sciences at Karl-Friedrich (Kai) Oetzbach. The look was initiated in a very system on variety


PT Mono Font Free Download

PT Mono was made for particular uses in sorts, tables, worksheets and other contexts. Equivalent character widths are quite useful in environment sophisticated files, as


Pragati Narrow Font Free Download

Pragati Slender is usually a libre Devanagari typeface loved ones intended like a enhance to Archivo Narrow. It can be a sans-serif family members with


Zilla Slab Font Free Download

Zilla Slab is Mozilla’s main typeface, used for that Mozilla wordmark, headlines and throughout their designs. A contemporary slab serif, based on Typotheque’s Tesla, it


Sanchez Font Free Download

Sanchez is really a slab serif typeface family from Chilean variety foundry LatinoType. Sánchez, created by Daniel Hernández, is actually a serif typeface belonging to


Ubuntu Mono Font Family Free

The Ubuntu Font Family certainly are a set of matching new libre/open fonts in growth all through 2010-2011. The event is currently being funded by


Alex Brush Font Family Free

Alex Brush is a fantastically flowing brush script. It’s got limited ascenders and descenders making it possible for a legibility not found in other script


Slabo 13px Font Free

Slabo is a collection of size-specific fonts for use in on the net promoting along with other web works by using. The gathering at the


Radley Font Family Free

Radley is predicated on lettering initially drawn and made for woodcarved titling operate. It had been later digitized and extended to get applied to the


Archivo Font Family Free

Archivo was made to be used at the same time in print and electronic platforms. The complex and aesthetic features from the font are both


Forum Font Family Free

Discussion board has antique, vintage “Roman” proportions. It may possibly be utilised to set system texts and will work nicely in titles and headlines much


Spectral Font Family Free

Spectral is really a new and flexible serif confront available in seven weights of roman and italic, with compact caps. Spectral provides an efficient, wonderful


Graduate Font Family Free

Graduate can be a premium quality example of the traditional higher education block variety of lettering utilized across really campus in the United states of


Slabo 27px Font Family Free

Slabo can be a selection of size-specific fonts for use in on-line advertising and various website employs. The collection at this time incorporates this font,


Raleway Font Family Free

Raleway is undoubtedly an classy sans-serif typeface loved ones meant for headings and also other substantial size usage. Originally made by Matt McInerney as being


Source Sans Pro Font Family Free

Source® Sans Pro, Adobe’s initially open resource typeface family members, was built by Paul D. Hunt. It truly is a sans serif typeface supposed to


Oswald Font Family Free

Oswald is often a transforming on the traditional type traditionally represented via the ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serif typefaces. The characters of Oswald had been initially